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Free PDF Bible Studies for the understanding of the

 scriptures and current issues among the churches.

1. The following link is to a Youtube video on, "The Second Coming

   of Christ."  1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

    2. In the 'Revelation Chapter 19-22 Study' we discuss the appropriate    

Old Testament and New Testament prophecies concerning Revelation

chanpters 19-22.

Here is the link to my PDF Revelation Chapter 19-22 Study.

3. In the 'Accurate Scientific Statements in the Bible' study we discuss

    various Old & New Tesament passages that deal with scientific

    statements unknown in that era and show that with the modern

     advances of scientific methods and insturments that the scientific

    statements were accurate and factual.

    Accurate Statements Bible Internet 09.08.20.pdf

4. In the Matthew 24:29-31, "After the Tibulation - The Gathering

   of the Elect," we study the Old and New Testament passages

    prophesying of the time when the Lord Jesus gathers the remnant of the

    Jewish nation 'after the tribulation' to the land of Israel as foretold by

    the prophets. After the Tribulation 02.01.21.pdf